Hibernica Collection

The main Hibernica collection consists of material published since 1801: earlier publications of Irish interest (they are substantial in number) are shelved in the general chronological collections or in Special Collections. The Hibernica collection continues to develop, concentrating particularly on the north of Ireland but attempting to cover all relevant academic material on the island as a whole.

Gallacher Memorial Library Collection

The Gallacher Memorial Library is based on the library of William Gallacher, it has grown by further donations since his death in 1965. Major additonal sources of materials on Ireland are donations from the collection of Pat Devine and materials from the CPI.

Irish Experience

Covers all aspects of the modern Irish experience in the Irish Republic, Northern Ireland and the diaspora (particularly the United Kingdom). Collection of approx. 3400 textbooks, monographs, official reports and pamphlets which principally supports an undergraduate half degree, but also some research. In addition there are about 150 videocassettes which are a mixture of off-air recordings, commercial purchases and the Activision Irish Project archive.