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news iconTeaching beginners Latin with text and translation
Funded by the Subject Centre for History, Classics & Archaeology through the JISC Distributed e-Learning Programme Phase I, the Leeds Latin Project is developing a distinctive approach to Latin teaching via its use of original texts and promotion of pro-active and independent learning.
news iconAnger as exam board drops classics
An article on the BBC news website, 11th June 2004, reports that the UK's biggest exam board has outraged classicists by deciding to stop offering Latin and ancient Greek.
news iconWhat could learning Latin ever do for us?
This article in the Scotsman, 15th October 2003, examines the validity of teaching Latin and Greek and questions whether it was a good idea to drop them from the curriculum at the majority of schools.

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ascollection iconEighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO)
ECCO is an on-line multi-disciplinary research database which consists of a library of nearly 140,000 digitised titles and editions, published in the United Kingdom between 1701 and 1800. Full-text searching of more than 32 million pages takes the user directly to primary source material in facsimile copy of its original. ECCO is of universal appeal to Classicists, Medievalists, Renaissance scholars and students of the early modern period, as well as the later period of the Enlightenment. The project is based on Thomson Gale's microfilm library. Registration required for trial access.