paper iconNew contexts for university languages: the Bologna Process, globalisation and employability
So far, the Bologna Process is changing university studies in all countries except the UK. However, the author posits that the globalisation and commercialisation of HE may overtake the Bologna agenda and goes on to discuss this paradox. Prior strategies for emphasising employability have perhaps been badly-implemented and so suggestions for future improvement are included.
paper iconProvision of 3-year degrees in Languages: An overview
Language degrees (degrees in which a modern foreign language is a named component) have often been one year longer than honours degrees in other arts and humanities subjects, as students have usually spent the third year of the course aboard. This article overviews the increasing provision of three year language degrees.

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webguide iconState of the Subjects: Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies in the UK today
What is covered by the three subject areas of languages, linguistics and area studies? What kind of programmes are available? And how many students are currently studying them? This overview looks at some of the things which are changing in these subject areas, including student numbers, the increased importance of career implications, shifting disciplinary identities, globalisation, and the impact of government policy shifts. It refers to the report of the Nuffield Inquiry in shaping current thinking about languages in particular.
webguide iconLinguistics within a humanities modular programme
This article addresses how Linguistics can be taught as part of a humanities modular programme in such a way that there is flexibility and choice whilst coherent routes through the different years is provided and progression is ensured.