LLAS Event

llasevent iconThe Black and Asian Studies Association and Black Studies in Britain
Event date: 24 April, 2009
Location: Institute of Latin American Studies, 86 Bedford Street South, University of Liverpool
llasevent iconBorders and traffic: comparative perspectives on teaching the Americas
Event date: 17 October, 2008
Location: Council Chamber, Singleton Abbey, Swansea University

Web Guide (GPG)

webguide iconThe teaching of pidgin and Creole studies
This article suggests ways in which different areas of linguistics can be illuminated by including a discussion of pidgins/creoles, as well as giving a suggested outline for a stand-alone course.

Area Studies Collection

ascollection iconWest Indies Papers
This is a group of diverse small collections of mainly legal papers relating to estate management in the West Indies. They cover the entire geographical area of the West Indies, and the period C16th-C20th. The majority relate to estate management, but they also include family affairs.
ascollection iconPinney Family Papers
This large collection has been deposited by the Pinney Family. The papers include family affairs, estate management, farming, trade, slave ownership. It covers all aspects of their life from the C16-C20th, both on the island of Nevis in the West Indies, and in the West Country of England. Of particular interest are a fine series of letterbooks and accountbooks which give a picture of the trade of the family. There are also personal papers of individual members of the family, and legal papers relating to their estates both in Nevis and Britain. There is a small amount of material relating to other West Indies islands, and America, particularly relating to trade.
ascollection iconLatin America and the Caribbean Collection
Over 15,000 volumes. Collection includes all areas of the Caribbean, including non-Hispanic. Recent material on open access; store includes older and rare books, mostly still recorded only in card catalogue. Current acquisition mainly of English-language material to support teaching programmes. For further detail see Alan Biggins and Valerie Cooper, eds, Latin American and Caribbean library resources in the British Isles: a directory (2002).
ascollection iconCaribbean Collection
Covers all aspects of the modern experience in the Caribbean and the diaspora (particularly the United Kingdom). The focus is on the Anglophone and Hispanic islands, but the Francophone and Dutch are also covered. The collection consists of approx. 2700 textbooks, monographs, official reports and pamphlets which principally supports an undergraduate half degree, but also some research. In addition there are about 150 videocassettes which are a mixture of off-air recordings and commercial purchases.