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webguide iconPromoting and evaluating the use of the European Language Portfolio
The Nuffield Foundation and the University of Southampton funded 10 partner institutions to run mini-projects whose aim was to implement and evaluate the European Language Portfolio in Higher Education.

LLAS Event

llasevent icone-Portfolios (16 June 06, Coventry)
Event date: 16 June, 2006
Location: Coventry University
llasevent icone-Portfolios (16 May 06, Manchester)
Event date: 16 May, 2006
Location: University of Manchester


paper iconYes, but is PEL the same as ELP?
In September 2003, Leeds Metropolitan University started delivering a new French specialist route on its BA(Hons) Primary Education and was paired with the IUFM of Montpellier in France. As lecturers from both institutions started collaborating together, we decided to look into the use of the Common European Framework and in particular the European Language Portfolio (ELP) as tools offering an element of commonality between France and the UK. How is the use of these interpreted differently in both countries? How much do these interpretations reflect a different approach to language learning and the means to achieve that learning?