LLAS Event

llasevent iconTeaching translation (20 Jan 06)
Event date: 20 January, 2006
Location: Callaghan Lecture Theatre, James Callaghan Building, University of Wales, Swansea

Materials Bank Item

matbank iconVocabulary: vocab.co.uk
Resources for language learners including free vocabulary building software that helps students learn words and phrases in over 30 languages.


paper iconCollaborative writing in Russian with shared text editor
A shared text editor was introduced into a Russian class in writing skills and used over a period of four years. It was initially adopted for its potential practical advantages over a traditional classroom whiteboard. Its use has led to new language learning activities that have contributed to the whole language programme and the writing class has become more integrated into the language programme as a whole. Opportunities for sharing and collaboration have been greatly increased and the role of the teacher has changed.

News item

news icon'Jambo' to open source Swahili software
Millions of computer users can now say "jambo", or hello, reports an article on the BBC news website, 9th December 2004. The software, called Jambo OpenOffice, is available for free and is similar in functionality to Microsoft's popular Office programmes.