Phonetics: for Students of Modern Languages

Author: Rodney Ball

© Rodney Ball, University of Southampton


An introductory phonetics course for students of French, German and Spanish


Text and audio (.pdf needs Acrobat 5.1 reader to run and Quicktime or Realplayer for the sound files)

Access to materials

The Phonetics Book is available with and without sound:

Phonetics Book full text (without sound)

This PDF file needs Acrobat 5.1 to run

Phonetics Book, 2nd Edition

The Phonetics Book is currently under revision. If you have used the book and have any suggestions please email

Individual chapters (without sound)

These PDF files need Acrobat 5.1 to run

Individual sections (Chapters 3 and 4 contain sound)

These PDF files need Acrobat Reader 5.1 to run. The sound files require RealPlayer or QuickTime to run. They are downloaded as self-extracting .exe files and will automatically unzip when double-clicked. The folder of sounds must be stored in the same folder as the .pdf file to run. To locate and play a sound move the mouse over the phonetic symbols or phonetic descriptions in the text or diagrams. When it changes from a hand to a movie symbol click the mouse. Realplayer/Quicktime will open and the sound will play.

Chapter 3: vowels

Chaper 4: consonants