English as a lingua franca: working with students to create an online tutorial

Rachel Wicaksono is a Senior Lecturer and Head of Programme MA TESOL, Centre for Languages and Linguistics, York St John University

As part of an 'Enquiry-based learning' project, and with support from the HEA LLAS Action Research fund, four students worked together with the Head of Programme for the MA TESOL to explore their use of English in mixed nationality group work. This involved the students in using digital audio recorders to collect classroom data and Audacity to edit their sound files, as well as in learning to transcribe and collaborating on a micro-analysis of their talk using conversation analysis-type methods. The project team used Wimba Create to build a simple but engaging online tutorial which aims to raise the awareness of university students (both British and international) to the use of English as a lingua franca in group work. The resulting tutorial uses audio, reflective video and interactive flashcards and is licensed under a Creative Commons agreement, meaning that anyone is free to use and customise the material to suit their own purposes. This talk will demonstrate the tutorial as well as reflecting on related issues including: students preparing evidence-based learning materials, using appropriate technology to create re-usable resources and the possible implications of English as a lingua franca for UK universities.

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