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The overview page presents an introduction and background story of what the mPLAT project is set to achieve. In summary the principle, upon which this project is based, is that practice based learning and in particular the mentoring process, would be improved if the student and mentor had access to tools which allowed on the spot on-line entry of results of assessments, such that feedback would be immediate, and thus follow up actions could be decided instantly. The mPLAT project aims to provide a mobile learning toolkit to support practice based learning, mentoring and assessment. The toolkit will enable deployment on a number of platforms, ranging from PC’s through to PDAs and Smartphones and will also provide tools such as RSS feeds to simplify distribution of the learning resources.

The story so far.....

We have completed an agile co-design of the first toolset with domain experts from the University of Southampton School of Nursing and Midwifery (one of our project partners).  The first tool to be deployed will assist the student and mentor to build a learning plan for the placement, based on the learning needs of the student and the opportunities offered by the placement. The first toolset was designed and built using an iterative agile process.

In August 2007, we deployed our first user pilot in a simulated placement setting, while in November 2007, we deployed user trials in clinical settings. This stage started with a cohort of University of Southampton School of Nursing PG Diploma students and mentors.  The trial involves a deploying the toolkit with mentors and students in dispersed clinical wards in the Southampton area.  (Note: Ethical approval for the user trials in University of Southampton NMW was completed).



An overview of the four stages of the Agile Development with co-design

Dissemination (2006/2007)

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The story now.....

April 2008

The mPLAT toolkit could be used on a variety of programmes, both HE and FE, and in clinical and non-clinical contexts, where work place assessment is an integral part of the course.


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Dissemination (2008)