The University of Southampton


The following Physics and Astronomy academics are interested to talk to local schools or societies:


Speaker Subject of Talk Suitable audience
Dr Sadie Jones SotonAstrodome - Mobile Planetarium Primary to A-Level
Prof  Betty Lanchester Aurora : Amazing Light Shows in the Sky Year 5 and Above
Prof Christian Knigge Hubble Highlights: Amazing Images and What They Mean Year 6 and Above
Prof Malcolm Coe Tides in the Cosmos - Making stars in our nearest galaxy Year 7 and Above
Dr Nick Higgingbottom Quasars - Engines of the ancient universe Year 7 and Above
Dr Diego Altamirano Tick Tock, Tick Tock: predicting explosions on Neutron stars Year 8 and Above
Dr Diego Altamirano The Heartbeats of Black Holes: hints on how they devour their companions Year 8 and Above
Dr Diego Altamirano What are Black Holes? How can we study them? Year 8 and Above
Dr Rob Fear  Earth's Aurora and Magnetosphere Year 8 and Above
Pearl John  Holography: The Art and Science of Holography Year 8 and Above
Dr Matt Himsworth Ultra-cold quantum technology - Cool stuff with Lasers Year 9 and Above
Dr Sebastian Hoenig Exploring the Universe with Giant Telescopes Year 9 and Above
Dr Sadie Jones A Mysterious Supermassive Black Hole Year 9 and Above
Dr Sadie Jones Physics and Astronomy Careers Talk Year 9 and Above
Dr Charlotte Angus How many ways can you make a star explode? GCSE and Above
Pearl John The Light Express Roadshow GCSE to A-Level
Dr Phil Wiseman Exploding Stars: What are supernovae and why do we care? GCSE and Above
Dr John Coxon Auroras AS/A-Level
Dr Nick Evans Dark Energy AS/A-level
Dr Nick Evans Introduction to Particle Physics AS/A-Level
Dr Nick Evans Understanding Nothing: The Structure of the Vacuum AS/A-Level
Prof Christian Knigge  Cataclysmic Variable: 10 Breakthroughs in 10 Years  AS/A-level
Prof Pavlos Lagoudakis Nanoscience and Nanotechnology AS/A-Level
Prof Ian McHardy Cosmology AS/A-Level
Prof Ian McHardy The High Energy Universe AS/A-Level
Prof Doug Ross Einstein's Revolution AS/A-Level
Dr Francesco Shankar Discovering evolutionary patterns that shape the most MASSIVE galaxies AS/A-level
Dr Mark Sullivan Cosmic Explosions, Dark Energy and the Fate of the Universe AS/A-level


To request a speaker to come to your school, please email usPlease include details of the talk you wish to book along with the date and time. The speaker will then contact you by email to make any arrangements and check availability.

The University will pay all the travel costs of the speaker.

NB: most speakers have a travel limit of around 1 hour maximum each way.