The University of Southampton

Talks for the General Public/Astronomy Societies

Speakers for Schools

Academic speakers are usually happy to give public talks. Please see the full speakers for schools list HERE

Stargazing Live! Evening events

These evening events typically happen in January in Physics and Astronomy during the broadcast of the BBC Two Stargazing Shows. For more information on these events click HERE

Southampton Science and Engineering Festival

This Festival happens in March every year. For more information on this event click HERE

Southampton Science Cafe

Café Scientifiques are places for finding out about, exploring, understanding and, may be most importantly, discussing Science. Science affects everyone and it should be accesssible to anyone. We invite you to explore Science and its impact on society with us and our invited experts.

National Science and Engineering Week

National Science and Engineering Week is a 10 Day programme of around 2000 events running throughout the whole of the UK, celebrating science, engineering and technology and their importance in our lives. We're celebrating this exciting occasion with a variety of events.

Institute of Physics Local Branch Talks

The University of Southampton School of Physics and Astronomy assists the Institute of Physics in organising and promoting physics lectures of general interest. We are planning to host several lectures in 2016 and more information will be provided by @JoBarzycki on Twitter.