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The POST Project - FORESYS

FORESYS is a development support, quality assurance, and Fortran 90 migration tool for Fortran application developers.

FORESYS features in-depth inter-procedural analysis, custom coding standard verification and interface with CASE tools, all available through a productive GUI. Full Fortran 90 and F77 extensions are accepted. A quality metrics and a parallelizing module are also available.

The parallelising module in FORESYS is a loop paralleliser, based on a sophisticated data dependency analysis, and is currently targeting Fortran 90 array syntax and HPF. The effectiveness of this module has been demonstrated in the Pharos Esprit project, where end-users employed the tool to migrate full scale industrial applications first to Fortran 90, then to HPF. The dependence analysis part of the tool has already been used by users to migrate code to SMP multi-processors, but no code generation back-end was developed prior to the POST project, as no portable directive set existed to grant such tool a wide prospective market.


  • Reverse engineering legacy applications
  • Porting and upgrading existing software
  • Migration to FORTRAN 90
  • Analyse data dependencies to aid parallelisation
  • HPF Parallelisation
  • Quality assurance for development and validation of new code
  • Automatic generation of documented code and program interface encouraging re-use

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