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Start date: 01/02/2011
End date: 31/07/2012

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The project team contains senior members from all the relevant professional and academic services. It is led by the Director of Education responsible or TEL in collaboration with the senior managers from Student Services and from. The project will have significant input from students and from teachers, and the prototype architecture will be implemented in the Learning Societies Lab in the School of Electronics and Computer Science, which has experience of exposing data through RDF, widget implementation and managing and delivering JISC projects responding to university education strategy.

Professor Hugh Davis (Principle Investigator) is the University Director of Education responsible for TEL and is Professor of learning technology leading the Learning Societies Lab in the School of Electronics and Computer Science. He is responsible for e-learning strategy across the university, chairs the Technology Enhanced Learning Steering and Implementation Group, and leads the Southampton Learning Environment Working Group. He has a long history of research and innovation in Learning Technology with more than 200 publications and he has led many previous JISC projects including Dialog Plus (Digital Libraries in the Classroom), MPLAT (mobile e-learning), FREMA (Framework Reference Model for Assessment) and EdSpace (which produced the EdShare repository based on ePrints). He is a member of JISC Learning and Teaching Committee.

Dr. David Millard (Technical Director) is a Senior Lecturer of Computer Science within the Electronics and Computer Science Learning Societies Lab. David was Principal Investigator on the OneShare, Faroes, Microviews and allAboutMePrints projects. He has been involved in international research for over twelve years and has over one hundred and forty international publications on information systems, TEL and hypertext technology. His research interests are in the use of information and knowledge technologies in the wild to help people make sense of the increasingly complex digital world around them.

Dr. Su White is a Senior Lecturer within the Electronics and Computer Science Learning Societies Lab. She works with colleagues across the university and the faculty on educational enhancement agendas. Su has considerable experience of TEL projects, particularly from an institutional change perspective (the subject of her PhD thesis). She has made significant contributions to educational development, evaluation and dissemination activities to a number HEFCE and JISC funded projects, and has served on the steering group of a range of such projects at other institutions. Su was co-investigator with Hugh Davis leading eMM benchmarking across the University, 2007-8 and is a member of the JISC Infrastructure and Resources Committee.

Dr. Peter Hancock is senior manager in the iSolutions Department that addresses ICT issues across the whole University. His Core Mission is to deliver robust services that match the University's Research and Educational needs. He has run major (£1m plus) projects whilst being a member of iSolutions ranging from delivering on the High Performance Computing University agenda through to redesigning and implementing a complete change to University Email Services which are now embraced by all members of the University. His primary focus is on delivering practical, usable solutions that fulfil specific business requirements.

Dr. Janice Rippon first joined the University of Southampton in 2007 becoming Director, Student Services, in 2008 . Formerly working at the University of Glasgow, she taught and supported internationally located, doctoral students using a Virtual Learning Environment. Her interest in technology enhanced learning and student related systems has continued at the University of Southampton. She has been a senior manager representative on the Administrative Systems Replacement Programme Board following which she was asked to chair the University's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems Board. Her department leads the way in using multiple systems to enable living and learning.

Dr. Yvonne Howard (Project Manager, LSL, Electronics and Computer Science) is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Southampton School of Electronics and Computer Science. She was involved in the EPSRC funded ABCD project that made Formal Modelling techniques usable by real Systems Engineers. Her research interests now lie in the use of Agile Software Engineering techniques, particularly to develop service-oriented systems. Yvonne has a great deal of experience as a JISC Project Manager in the FREMA, FREMA 2, R2Q2, MPLAT, CLARET, Faroes and OneShare Projects. Yvonne was a member of the Innovation Base team and has run modelling workshops for JISC-CETIS to promote and offer practical guidance on enterprise modelling.

Kerry Matthews is Business Development Lead within the University's Student Services department and leads on projects aimed at improving the student experience. Kerry is a key business user of existing CRM functionality and successfully managed the business implementation of a CRM system within the Career Destinations service - which is now accessed by over 1000 students per month. She is now leading other business users on the creation of a business case to demonstrate the benefits of implementing an enterprise wide CRM system within the University.

Dr Gillian Holf is the Head Of Student Information And Records And she manages the Business Change Team And Management Information For Student Data Within the SAA Workstream.