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About the project

OpCit, a three year R&D project that began in October 1999 and completed at the end of 2002, was funded by the Joint NSF - JISC International Digital Libraries Research Programme ... funding organisations.
R&D centres: Southampton University (UK), Cornell University (USA) ... people

  • Where we finished This paper in D-Lib Magazine (October 2002) tells the OpCit story. For a quick overview see the slides from the project's presentation at the JISC/NSF Digital Libraries Initiative (DLI) All Projects Meeting, Edinburgh, in June 2002.
  • Final summary of the project, produced for JISC in December 2002 and required to be “suitable for general publication aimed at lay readers and describing the achievements made” in one page: The Open Citation Project: new momentum for open access
  • Annual reports to funding agencies
  • Where we started. See the original project proposal, or edited extracts. For a quick overview see the slides from the project's presentation at the Digital Libraries Initiative All-Projects Meeting, Cornell University, October 1999
  • Our brief pre-launch announcement (May 1999): "In a three-way partnership, Southampton University, Cornell University, and the Los Alamos National Laboratory will hyperlink each of the over 100,000 papers in Los Alamos's unique online Physics Archive to every other paper in the archive that it cites. It is hoped that the power of this remarkable new way of navigating the scientific journal literature will help induce authors in others fields to join to create interlinked online archives like Los Alamos across disciplines and around the world."

Fast facts


Mission: Scale-Interoperability-Universality

What next?

Donna Bergmark, Cornell partner, is building on her reference linking ideas in pioneering and award-winning new work on Collection Synthesis.

Led by Carl Lagoze, there will be exciting opportunities for OAI to be taken forward in the US National Science Digital Library (NSDL) programme.

The work of OpCit will be taken forward not just in the obvious products of the project, such as Citebase and GNU EPrints, but in new environments as well, specifically, projects in the the JISC FAIR programme:

Keywords: digital libraries, open archives, eprint archives, reference linking, citation analysis

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