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The Open Citation Project performed open, publicly announced evaluations of two principal demonstrators of reference linking and citation indexing services. A new service, Citebase, featured in the second evaluation, and on the basis of the results is a now a featured service of the arXiv eprint archives. The report on the evaluation of Citebase is the first detailed user evaluation of an open access Web citation indexing service.

Version Demonstrator First available Evaluation results
V. 2.1 Citation Analysis and Reference Linking demonstrator: Citebase March 2002 December 2002
V. 1.0 Reference Linking demonstrator May 2000 August 2000

V. 2.1 Citation Analysis and Reference Linking demonstrator: Citebase (March 2002)

V. 1.0 Reference Linking demonstrator (May 2000)

Superseded and no longer fully operational, but still illustrates the principles of the original approach to reference linking used by the project.

Background to OpCit demonstrators

The Open Citation project is a research and development project began in October 1999 and completed in December 2002. In terms of features the V. 2.1 demonstrator exceeds the plan outlined in the original project proposal. It presents reference links and citation analysis of over 200,000 papers from the arXiv physics archives.

Evaluation of demonstrators produced by the project was based on a three-year evaluation plan produced in August 2000. Not all the demonstrators envisaged within the original plan were produced, due to problems accessing content from other data providers at the time. Instead the project concentrated on extending the citation indexing services provided by Citebase.

An earlier demonstration of reference linking, evaluated by the Open Journal Project and reported in this paper, also involved a number of partners from OpCit.

We are grateful to our colleagues at, and the maintainers of the arXiv mirror at Southampton University, for permission to use their services in this project.

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