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Linking tools and information resources

The Open Citation project is working with a number of partners to integrate linking tools and related services to improve access to works held within Open Archives and other sources of refereed scholarly papers. While we work on producing a demonstrator, we are happy to point you to them so that you may benefit from the excellent services that are already available.

This list of information resources includes only those from people we are working with directly. For a more complete list use our growing gateway to explore Open Archives.

Services from our partners that you can use

About the tools we are using ... services using these and other tools Information resources: access to papers
Software for reference linking
- downloadable Perl modules for extracting reference lists and parsing metadata components within each reference for inclusion in a database
Distributed Link Service
- Southampton's original generic linking system now used in various applications for large-scale linking on the Web
- Ghent's generic linking system for use in digital and hybrid libraries see paper
- software for autonomous citation indexing, used to build ResearchIndex (see right)
- generic open archive software
- protocol and server for distributed document libraries. Possibly to be replaced by EPrints
- NECI full-text index of scientific literature
- Openly's "shortcuts to the information services that you prefer", soon to include journal and related services
- tools for authors in computer science and pure mathematics to publish bibliographical infomation about their own work, with a database to link references
- the original physics archive at Los Alamos, of course, now also covers maths, computer science (find nearest mirror site)
Computing Research Repository (CoRR)
- growing collection of computer science papers, also stored at Los Alamos and an integrated part of ...
NCSTRL (closing 30 September 2001)
- Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library, collections made available by participating institutions
- cognitive sciences eprint archive

Related information services we are using in the project

- Library databases and documents of interest to the high-energy physics community
D-Lib Magazine
- monthly magazine about innovation and research in digital libraries (find nearest mirror site)

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