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Workshop and Showcase

Date: Monday 11th February 2013, 11am-3.15pm
Location: Imperial College, London


In 2009, the EPSRC funded the three-year project: 'Next-Generation Energy Harvesting Electronics: Holistic Approach'. The project involved over 25 researchers at four universities (the University of Southampton, Newcastle University, Imperial College, and the University of Bristol) in partnership with four industrial companies: Dialog Semiconductor, Diodes Incorporated, ARM, and Mentor Graphics. The research joined together different research fields, including energy harvesting and MEMS processing, efficient power-conversion electronics, low-power embedded computing systems, simulation and electronic design automation.

The project is now complete, and the consortium held a workshop at Imperial College London on 11 February 2013 to showcase the project's demonstrators and research findings. The agenda is shown below, or can be downloaded via the link at the bottom of this page. Attendees found out about the project's objectives and achievements, followed by an interactive showcase of the project's demonstrators and research outputs. A particular emphasis of the event was giving attendees the opportunity to interact with the project's researchers and academics. In the afternoon, a series of technical seminars discussed various areas of the research in more depth. The agenda was designed to give attendees the flexibility to either drop-in for the project overview and demonstrations (morning session only), or to come for the full day and get the full holistic experience!

Video and Photos from the Event

Photo from the event Photo from the event Photo from the event Photo from the event
Photo from the event Photo from the event Photo from the event Photo from the event


Morning Session

11:00 - 11:15 Welcome and Project Overview (Prof Bashir Al-Hashimi, Project Director, Uni. Southampton)
11:15 - 12:00 Summary of Project Outputs:

Theme A: Prof Eric Yeatman
Theme B: Prof Alex Yakovlev
Theme C: Dr Tom Kazmierski

12:00 - 13:00 Demonstrations (see demonstrations (some listed below), posters and publications, and talk with researchers)


13:00 - 13:30 Lunch

Afternoon Session

13:30 - 13:50 Technical Seminar 1: Building a Holistic System Demonstrator (Dr Alex Weddell, University of Southampton)
13:50 - 14:10 Technical Seminar 2: Adaptive Electronics for EH Systems (Dr Bernard Stark, University of Bristol)
14:10 - 14:30 Technical Seminar 3: Accelerating EH Simulation and Design Exploration (Dr Tom Kazmierski, Uni. of Southampton)
14:30 - 14:50 Technical Seminar 4: Energy Modulated Computing (Prof Alex Yakovlev, Newcastle University)
14:50 - 15:10 Technical Seminar 5: Adaptive and Tunable Microgenerators (Dr Paul Mitcheson, Imperial College)


The project demonstrations included:
  • Theme A (Imperial): MEMS Variable Reluctance Device
  • Theme A (Imperial): Frequency Tuning with Reduced Energy Use
  • Theme A (Imperial): Improved Power Extraction from Piezoelectric Harvesters
  • Theme A (Bristol): Efficient and Adaptive Power Conversion for EH Systems
  • Theme B (Newcastle): Self-Timed SRAM for Energy Harvesting Systems
  • Theme B (Newcastle): Reference free Voltage Sensing
  • Theme C (Soton): Fast Design Space Explorer for EH-Powered Sensor Nodes
  • Theme C (Soton): Case Study: Vibration-Powered Engine Monitoring
Documents describing these contributions are available: Demonstrator, Theme A (Bristol), Theme B, Theme C.


The flyer (containing the full agenda) is available to download.

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