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Language Network for Quality Assurance (LanQua)

The Subject Centre is coordinating a three-year project under the European Commission's Lifelong Learning Erasmus Network programme. The LanQua project is developing a Language Network for Quality Assurance and involves 60 partners across Europe.


October, 2007 - September, 2010

Key contact(s):

Paula Davis
Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies

Funded by:

Lifelong learning programme logoCommission of the European Communities Lifelong Learning Erasmus Network programme


Language Network for Quality Assurance (LanQua)

Project partners:

60 partners from 29 countries across Europe

Project aims:

To build on emerging European networks concerned with languages, bringing a wide range of providers and stakeholders together to produce a European quality benchmark for the area of languages, enabling institutions to assure and enhance the quality of provision in higher education


LanQua is producing a Toolkit: a European Quality Benchmark, a series of relevant case studies and a set of recommendations for assurance and enhancement of quality in languages and related studies


European Commission Erasmus Programme

Quality Assurance Agency

Further resources available on our website:

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