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Harnad, Stevan (1990) Against Computational Hermeneutics. [Journal (Paginated)]

Kristal, Dr. Mark B. and Tarapacki, J. A. and Barton, Debra (1990) Amniotic Fluid Ingestion Enhances Opioid-Mediated But Not Nonopioid-Mediated Analgesia. [Journal (Paginated)]

Kristal, Dr. Mark B. and Thompson, Alexis C. and Abbott, P. and DiPirro, Jean M. and Ferguson, E.J. and Doerr, J. C. (1990) Amniotic-fluid ingestion by parturient rats enhances pregnancy-mediated analgesia. [Journal (Paginated)]

Snyder, Douglas M. (1990) Complementarity and the Relation Between Psychological and Neurophysiological Phenomena. [Journal (Paginated)]

Velmans, Max (1990) Consciousness, Brain and the Physical World. [Journal (Paginated)]

Stern, L.M. and Walker, M.K. and Sawyer, M.G. and Oades, R.D. and Badcock, N.R. and Spence, J.G. (1990) A controlled crossover trial of fendluramine in autism. [Journal (Paginated)]

McCarthy, John (1990) Elephant 2000 - A programming language based on speech acts. [Preprint]

Laasonen, Ed.D. Raimo J (1990) Endogenous, and Exogenous Boundaries of Mindamic, Their Interfaces and Coping with Action Space. (Unpublished)

Oades, R.D. and Stern, L.M. and Walker, M.K. and Clark, C.R. and Kapoor, V. (1990) Event-related potentials and monoamines in autistic children on a clinical trial of fenfluramine. [Journal (Paginated)]

Brysbaert, M. and d'Ydewalle, G. (1990) Individual analysis of laterality data. [Journal (Paginated)]

Morin, Alain (1990) Inner speech as a mediator of self-awareness, self-consciousness, and self-knowledge: An hypothesis. [Journal (Paginated)]

Dennett, Daniel C (1990) The Interpretation of Texts, People and Other Artifacts. [Preprint]

Velmans, Max (1990) Is the Mind Conscious, Functional or Both? [Journal (Paginated)]

Bredenkamp, J├╝rgen (1990) Kognitionspsychologische Untersuchungen eines Rechenk├╝nstlers. [Book Chapter]

Harnad, Stevan (1990) Lost in the hermeneutic hall of mirrors. [Journal (Paginated)]

Dennett, Daniel C (1990) Memes and the Exploitation of Imagination. [Journal (Paginated)]

Wright, J J (1990) Reticular Activation and the Dynamics of Neuronal Networks. [Journal (Paginated)]

Roussey, JY and Piolat, A and Guercin, F (1990) Revising strategies for different text types. [Journal (Paginated)]

Harnad, Stevan (1990) Scholarly Skywriting and the Prepublication Continuum of Scientific Inquiry [reprinted in Current Contents 45: 9-13, November 11 1991]. [Journal (Paginated)]

Greco, Alberto (1990) Some remarks about connectionism in psychological simulation. [Journal (Paginated)]

Jorion, Paul (1990) Summary in English of PRINCIPES DES SYSTEMES INTELLIGENTS. [Book Chapter]

Harnad, Stevan (1990) The Symbol Grounding Problem. [Journal (Paginated)]

Harnad, Stevan (1990) The Symbol Grounding Problem. [Journal (Paginated)]

Harnad, Stevan (1990) Symbols and Nets: Cooperation vs. Competition. [Journal (Paginated)]

Brysbaert, M. and d'Ydewalle, G. (1990) Tachistoscopic presentation of verbal stimuli for assessing cerebral dominance: Reliability data and some practical recommendations. [Journal (Paginated)]

Gutt, Dr Ernst-August (1990) A theoretical account of translation - without a translation theory. [Journal (Paginated)]

Smith, B. (1990) Towards a history of speech act theory. [Book Chapter]

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