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Dissemination activities for the ReGHID-Central American survey in Sexual and Reproductive Health

Dissemination activities for the ReGHID-Central American survey in Sexual and Reproductive Health

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Preliminary results from the Sexual and Reproductive Health survey in Central America implemented in collaboration between the ReGHID team of University of Southampton (UoS) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM/Northern Triangle) will be disseminated very soon in Honduras and El Salvador during a two days’ workshop event.

Principal findings from the qualitative approach of the ReGHID project led by FLACSO El Salvador and paramount insights from the REGHID survey in the South Corridor (Brazil) led by the Fiocruz Foundation team, will also be shared with key stakeholders and service providers in these two relevant activities with policy implication for the Northern Triangle.

Results will be presented by Professor Pía Riggirozzi (ReGHID Principal Investigator- UoS), María do Carmo Leal (ReGHID survey in South Corridor/Fiocruz), Mónica Linares (ReGHID-Qualitative approach in Central America/ FLACSO El Salvador), Sarahí Rueda (ReGHID survey in Central America- UoS) and Nicéforo Garnelo (OIM/Northern Triangle).

The first event will be hosted by OIM in San Pedro Sula, Honduras on Friday 11th November 2022, at the Hotel Copantl & Convention Center, Res. Los Arcos, Blvr. del Sur, San Pedro Sula, with the attendance of representatives from local NGOs and Government. After sharing preliminary results of the ReGHID project in the region, the participants will reflect on preliminary results to provide recommendations and initiatives to promote and guarantee Sexual and Reproductive Health rights (SRHR) of women and adolescent migrants in displacement.

The second event, in collaboration with FLACSO El Salvador and OIM, will take place in San Salvador. The main purpose of this activity is to present results to an audience of academia, stakeholders and Central American organisations of health (SE-COMISCA). This will be followed by a closed round-table with SE-COMISCA members to articulate policy strategies with regional implications on behalf of the SRHR of women and adolescent migrants from Central America. This event will take place on Monday 14th November 2022, at the Hotel Barceló, San Salvador.  The morning session will be transmitted  live via the FLACSO El Salvador Facebook account.




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