Redressing Gendered Health Inequalities of Displaced Women and Girls

University of Southampton

ReGHID Project book available for pre-order

ReGHID Project book available for pre-order

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The ReGHID Project team is incredibly excited to announce that after three years of research, its forthcoming book ‘Displacement, Human Rights, and Sexual and Reproductive Health Conceptualising Gender Protection Gaps in Latin America’ by Natalia CintraDavid Owen and Pía Riggirozzi, is now available for pre-order from Bristol University Press.

Focusing on the flight of women and girls from Venezuela, to Northern Brazil, this book examines the gendered nature of forced displacement and the ways in which the failures of protection regimes to be sensitive to displacement’s gendered character affect women and girls, and their sexual and reproductive health.
Highlighting how categorical legal distinctions between ‘refugees’ and ‘migrants’ fail to capture the dynamics of forced migration in Latin America, it investigates how the operation of this categorical divide generates responsibility and protection gaps in relation to female forced migrants which act as determinants of sexual and reproductive health. Drawing on the voices of displaced women, it argues that a robust political ethics of protection of the forcibly displaced must encompass all necessary fleers and be responsive to the gendered character of forced displacement and particularly to effective access to sexual and reproductive health rights.

The book will be for general sale from May 2023, further details via this link.


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