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About the project

The project published numerous papers on citation and reference linking, linking PDF journals, e-journal surveys, hypertext, digital libraries and Web publishing, but for alternative, typically shorter, views see the items listed below.

Non technical

Formal reports

What others have written about the project

  • An interview with Les Carr and Steve Hitchcock, by Ian Budden (Ariadne, January 1997, No. 7)
  • Jon Knight's perspective on the project (Ariadne, November 1996, No.6)
  • 'Research net thrown wider' in The Times' Interface supplement (October 25th 1995)

Our news releases

3 Oct. 1995
email release: Linking hypermedia journals on the World Wide Web: the Open Journal project

Selected listserv correspondence

  • Citation linking to ejournals
    List: Hyperjournal (October 1995)
    Are citation links a good thing, and who should be responsible for implementing such links? A comment on this issue led to a request for an explanation of the Open Journal approach to linking, and subsequently to a short discussion of its merits.
  • Bringing ejournals alive
    List: Hyperjournal (September-October 1996)
    The conflict between print and online journals raised its head when a print journal editor was reported as refusing to cite papers published online. The project's advocacy of the online medium for papers and journals received an indignant response accusing us of a 'neophiliac' approach and (mistakenly) saying that we described a printed scientific page as 'dead'.
  • Digitisation: flat or structured?
    list: lis-elib (October 1996)
    Many projects involved with digitising library archives are not providing links in the digitised documents. Should they, it was asked. Reasons for and against, with some contributors pointing to the Open Journal experience in this area.

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