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Presentations at conferences and seminars



  • ACM Hypertext '98, 20-24 June 1998, Pittsburgh, USA.
    The history of the link service software behind the Open Journal project was summarised in Link Services or Link Agents? Subsequent design modifications, some based on user feedback during the project, were described.




  • Web Database Publishing: improving user access to very large information resources, a meeting of the Electronic and Multimedia Publishing specialist group of the BCS, 12 February 1998, London.
    The meeting included two presentations from partners in the Open Journal project: Andrew Witbrock of Electronic Press talked on managing large scientific databases, while Les Carr from Southampton University gave a presentation about developing towards an XLL-compliant link database service on the Web.



  • The Open Journal project publishers' seminar, 3 December 1997, Southampton, UK.
    An event organised by the project for its research and publisher partners, with latest demonstrations of Open Journals and software tools to support the development of Open Journals, leading to an open discussion.



  • VTT seminar on Multimedia Scholarly Publishing, 29 May 1997, Espoo, Helsinki, Finland.
    Describing the project's latest work in citation linking, in 'Active citations: the Open Journal approach to scholarly publishing' Jessie Hey considered an example linking a specialist journal in cognitive science, Psycoloquy, to a database of abstracts provided by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI).
  • ASLIB Bioscience Group Annual Conference, "Keeping Your Word: Maintaining Access to Information in the Electronic Age", 22 May 1997, Harpenden, UK.
    'Archiving electronic information' described the projects being carried out at Southampton University in the area of archiving, including preprint archives in the biosciences, particularly cognitive science and psychology, and explained plans to integrate these resources within an Open Journal approach.



NOTE. Elements of the presentations given at the three meetings listed immediately below - ALPSP, Anglo-Nordic and LibTech 96 - were updated, re-edited and compiled to form the longer talk given in Wuerzburg. If you attended any of these meetings and are interested in revisiting the content of these talks, you are directed to the Wuerzburg presentation, linked above



  • The Electronic Libraries Programme and Publishing: Keeping publishers informed, December 1996, London.
    Organised by the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP) and dedicated to exploring eLib projects which have implications for publishers, the meeting was used to give a project-specific talk on 'An Open Journal framework'.


  • 10th Anglo-Nordic Seminar, on networking, October 1996, Lund, Sweden.
    A short presentation on 'Reinventing online journals' was given as a prelude to a panel discussion on policies for electronic journals.


  • LibTech 96, UK eJournals on the Internet, September 1996, Hatfield, UK.
    A session on eLib electronic journal projects was the context for the paper 'The Open Journal project: realizing a new publishing model'.


  • Open Journal Conference and Demonstration: an Open Journal in Biology, May 1996, London
    This meeting, organised by the project for invited delegates, presented very early versions of the link service tools being used to build Open Journals and discussed examples from the Open Journal in biology. These issues were placed in the context of journal publishing, with contributions from a number of publishers participating in the project, as well as a debate on the implications of the Open Journal approach for journal publishing.
  • ASLIB Bioscience Group Annual Conference, May 1996, Harpenden, UK
    Described the principles of the Open Journal approach and showed, for the first time, examples created by the project with the Distributed Link Service and putting links into pdf documents from the project's resources in biology: 'Exploiting the Web: an Open Journal in biology'

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