The L2 French participants

There were 29 L2 French participants in the LANGSNAP Project, and all spent their year-long residence abroad in France. The L2 French corpus has been anonymised and participants are identified in the repository by codes 100-129.

Ten French native speakers also undertook all French versions of the production task and are identified by codes 130-139.

All learner participants held an end-of-secondary-education qualification in French, normally the British A-Level, which was an entry requirement for their programme. All had studied French in secondary school, some had started at an earlier age. Key characteristics of the participants reported prior to residence abroad are:

Ident-ifying code Age Gender First language(s) Other langs studied pre-university Other langs studied at university No. years studying French Placement type during residence abroad
10020MEnglish/ French*Spanish-20Workplace intern
10120FEnglishWelsh-9Teaching assistant
10220FEnglishGerman LatinItalian9Workplace intern
10419MEnglish*German-12Exchange student
10520FEnglishGerman-9Teaching assistant
10620FEnglishSpanish-9Teaching assistant
10720FEnglish--9Exchange student
10821FFinnishEnglish SwedishGerman6Exchange student
10920FEnglishSpanish-14Teaching assistant
11020FEnglishSpanishSpanish9Teaching assistant
11120FEnglish--13Teaching assistant
11220FEnglishGermanSpanish10Exchange student
11319FEnglishGerman-8Teaching assistant
11419FEnglishSpanish Italian-16Teaching assistant
11520FEnglishGerman-9Teaching assistant
11621FEnglish-Spanish10Workplace intern
11721FEnglishGermanGerman10Teaching assistant
11820FEnglishGermanGerman9Exchange student
11921FEnglishGerman SpanishChinese10Teaching assistant
12019FEnglishSpanish-8Teaching assistant
12119FEnglishSpanish-8Exchange student
12219FEnglish*-Spanish8Teaching assistant
12319FEnglishSpanish GermanSpanish Italian8Teaching assistant
12420FEnglishSpanish German ItalianItalian13Workplace intern
12519FEnglishGermanGerman14Workplace intern
12623FSpanishEnglishItalian9Exchange student
12720MEnglish-German15Teaching assistant
12821FEnglishLatin German-13Workplace intern
12920FEnglish-Italian9Exchange student
13020FFrench??n.a.Exchange student
13119FFrench??n.a.Exchange student
13220MFrench??n.a.Exchange student
13320FFrench??n.a.Exchange student
13419FFrench??n.a.Exchange student
13520FFrench??n.a.Exchange student
13620FFrench??n.a.Exchange student
13719MFrench??n.a.Exchange student
13820FFrench??n.a.Exchange student
13921MFrench??n.a.Exchange student

*These participants report some home contact with French

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