The L2 Spanish participants

There were 27 L2 Spanish participants in the LANGSNAP project, who spent their year abroad in either Spain or Mexico. The L2 Spanish corpus has been anonymised and participants are identified in the repository by codes 151-180.

Ten Spanish native speakers undertaking residence abroad in the UK also undertook all Spanish versions of the production tasks and are identified by codes 185-194.

All of the learner participants had studied Spanish for a minimum of two years, and a majority had started the language part way through secondary school. Unlike the French group, only a minority (n= 7) had started the language at the beginning of secondary schooling or earlier.

Almost all L2 Spanish participants were working as teaching assistants, or undertaking student exchanges, with just one participant undertaking a workplace internship. Most Mexico-based teaching assistants were placed in universities, while those in Spain were placed in schools. Key characteristics of the individual participants recorded prior to residence abroad are:

Ident-ifying code Age Gender First language(s) Other langs studied pre-university Other langs studied at university No. years studying Spanish Placement type during residence abroad (S = Spain, M = Mexico)
150?FEnglish???Workplace intern (S)
15121FEnglishFrenchFrench2Teaching assistant (S)
15220FEnglishGerman-9Exchange student (S)
15520MEnglishFrenchFrench German4Teaching assistant (M)
15620MEnglishFrenchFrench9Exchange student (S)
15720FEnglishFrenchFrench3Teaching assistant (M)
15825FPolish EnglishEnglish GermanEnglish German3Workplace intern (S)
16020MEnglishFrench-9Teaching assistant (M)
16120FEnglishFrenchFrench2Teaching assistant (S)
16220MEnglishFrench GermanFrench German2Teaching assistant (M)
16325FEnglish--14Exchange student (S)
16422FEnglishFrenchFrench4Exchange student (S)
16520FPolishEnglish FrenchEnglish Italian2Exchange student (S)
16620FEnglishFrench ItalianFrench4Exchange student (S)
16722FEnglishFrench GermanFrench2Teaching assistant (S)
16820FEnglishFrench GermanFrench2Exchange student (S)
16920FEnglishFrenchFrench8Exchange student (S)
17020MEnglish--7Teaching assistant (S)
17120FEnglishFrenchFrench6Teaching assistant (M)
17220FEnglishFrench-9Exchange student (S)
17320MEnglishFrenchFrench6Teaching assistant (S)
17420FEnglishFrenchFrench9Teaching assistant (S)
175?MEnglishFrench Latin-7Teaching assistant (M)
17720FEnglishFrenchFrench Portuguese5Teaching assistant (M)
17821FEnglish--7Teaching assistant (M)
17920FEnglishGerman-9Teaching assistant (M)
18021FEnglishFrench GermanFrench2Teaching assistant (S)
18520FSpanish (Spain)??n.a.Exchange student
18621MSpanish (Spain)??n.a.Exchange student
18723FSpanish (Mexico)??n.a.Exchange student
18821FSpanish (Spain)??n.a.Exchange student
18920MSpanish (Spain)??n.a.Exchange student
19023MSpanish (Spain)??n.a.Exchange student
19121FSpanish (Spain)??n.a.Exchange student
19222MSpanish (Spain)??n.a.Exchange student
19327MSpanish (Mexico)??n.a.Exchange student
19421MSpanish (Spain)??n.a.Exchange student

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