Open Citation Project
DLI All-Projects Meeting, June 2000, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
A joint NSF - JISC 
International Digital Libraries Project
Index of presentation

Main topics of talk
The Open Citation Project
OpCit - who we are
The Open Archives Initiative
OAi services
Linking arXiv physics archives
Linked references (and access to demo)
Early linking demo: how many references linked?
Reference linking: expectations and constraints
How to improve reference linking
Next steps for the demo
Tools for reference linking
Integrating linking services
Cornell DLRG approach to reference linking
An architecture for reference analysis
The reference linking API
The API: various specifications
Overall reference linking architecture
Next steps for the reference linking API
An interface for author submissions - Eprints

 Hitchcock and Bergmark et al., Extending Reference Linking for Open Archives