Start date: 01/10/2010
End date: 31/03/2014

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Global Uncertainties

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Kate Cochrane
Newcastle Council


University of Southampton

Seth Bullock is the Principal Investigator and a leading UK complexity science researcher. Dr Bullock is responsible for directing the overall research programme and plays a key role in the programme's integrated methodology and model building.

Mehdi Khoury is a post doctoral researcher specialised in Machine Learning. He works on the model building part of the project.

Loughborough University

Andrew Dainty is Professor of Construction Sociology and Director of Research in the Department of Civil and Building Engineering at Loughborough University. He leads the future scenario analysis and development activity.

Chris Goodier is a lecturer in structures and materials in the Department of Civil and Building Engineering at Loughborough University and has published and spoken widely on the future of construction.

Daniel Sage is a post doctoral research associate experienced in social studies of engineering. He is working on the scenario and analysis development work.

Lee Bosher is a Lecturer in Disaster Risk Management at Loughborough University. Lee will be incorporating a multi-hazards/threats perspective to the development of the future scenarios.

Newcastle University

Richard Dawson has made a pioneering contribution on the analysis and management of risks in civil engineering and environmental systems. Dr Dawson co-leads the model building activity with Dr Bullock.

Gaihua Fu is a post doctoral computer scientist specialised in Network Modelling and Analysis. She works on the model building part of the project.

University of Essex

Pete Fussey specialises in criminology and terrorism studies. Dr Fussey leads on the analysis and development of natural and malign hazard episodes.

Indraneel Sircar is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Sociology. He will be involved in further development and analysis of the scenarios and episodes.

Kings College London

Brooke Rogers is a Lecturer in Risk and Terror. She specialises in the study of social groups, group interaction, belief systems, and attitude formation and change. Dr Rogers leads on the planning, execution and analysis of stakeholder events.

Julia Pearce is a post doctoral research associate specialising in social psychology. She is working on the planning, execution and analysis of stakeholder events.

Durham University

Jonathan Rigg is a human geographer working on community and household transformations, particularly among poor and vulnerable groups in marginal Asian contexts. Prof Rigg will be responsible for the stakeholder engagement activity.

University of St Andrews

Beverley Searle's expertise is in the field of housing, welfare and wellbeing, in particular home owners' resilience to biographical and financial shocks. Dr Searle leads the integration of multi-level stakeholder engagement with the modelling activity.

University of York

Jon Timmis is Professor of Natural Computation at the University of York. Prof Timmis will lead the software engineering and demonstrator development activity.

Paul Andrews is a post doctoral research associate with an interest in modelling and simulating complex systems. He will be helping to develop the demonstrator system.