Start date: 01/10/2010
End date: 31/03/2014

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Global Uncertainties

Associate Partner:
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Award recipient:

Kate Cochrane
Newcastle Council

Work Stream 1: Scenario & Episode Development

(Leads: Andrew Dainty & Pete Fussey)

Informed by critical appraisal of the existing literature and stakeholder expertise, WS1 will generate the scenarios and threat episodes that inform the development of the project's simulation models (WS2).

Academic outputs

Fussey, P. and South, N. (2012) Heading toward a new criminogenic climate: climate change, political economy and environmental security, in R. White (ed.) Climate Change, Crime and Criminology, Springer

Gregson-Green, G., Dainty, A., and Bosher, L. (2012) Understanding the impacts of multiple stakeholders on the future security of main English railway stations, Institute of Engineering Technology special publication

Sircar, I., Sage, D., Goodier, C., Fussey, P., and Dainty, A. (2013) Constructing Resilient Futures: Integrating UK multi-stakeholder transport and energy resilience for 2050, Futures Vol. 49(1): 49-63

Fussey, P. (2011) Eastern Promise? Regeneration, Resilience and Control in East London, presented at the International Society of Criminology World Congress, Kobe, Japan, 9th August

Sage, D., Dainty, A, and Fussey, P. Resilient to what, where, and for whom? On the Scalar Politics of Resiliency in UK Critical Infrastructure Resilience, in revision for Environment and Planning D

Sage, D., Dainty, A., Fussey, P., Sircar, I., and Goodier, C. Understanding and Enhancing Future Infrastructure Resiliency: A Socio-Ecological Approach, in revision for Disasters