Technical Programme

Final Programme


9:30am-10:30am Monday - Registration

10:30am-11:00am Monday - Tea and Coffee

11:00am-11:20am Monday - Welcome
Chaired by Glyn Thomas

Prof William Powrie Dean of Faculty, Engineering and the Environment, University of SouthamptonWelcome
John Kilpatrick Chairman of WESWelcome

11:20am-12:00pm Monday - Keynote by Prof Ahsan Kareem
Chaired by John Kilpatrick

Kareem A University of Notre DameModeling of Transient Winds and their Load Effects on Structures

12:00pm-1:00pm Monday - Transient Loading & Fatigue
Chaired by John Rees

Beniteza E, Terres-Nicoli JM, Mans C Oritia & Boreas Wind Engineering, Granada,SpainFatigue Analysis of Structural Members due to Wind Action
Kilpatrick J, Fowler S, Kala S RWDI Anemos LimitedCase Study of Load Sharing in Double Skin Facade Glazing System
Zammit K, Overend M University of CambridgeTransient Wind Loads on Complex Facades

1:00pm-2:00pm Monday - Lunch

2:00pm-3:20pm Monday - Buildings, Bridges & Cables I
Chaired by Bernardo Vazquez

Clannachan GH, Bicanic N, Copeland GM ArupModelling and Simulation Aspects of Performance-Based Wind Engineering of Tall Buildings
Acampora A,Macdonald JHG, Georgakis CT, Nikitas N Department of Civil Engineering, University of BristolIdentification of Aeroelastic Forces on Twin Bridge Cables from Full-Scale Measurements in Skew Winds
Daniels S, Castro IP, Xie ZT University of SouthamptonLarge-eddy simulations for peak loading of tall buildings - The Application of the Forward-Stepwise Inlet Condition on the CAARC standard tall building model
Mikkelsen O, Jakobsen JB Department of Mechanical and Structural Engineering, University of StavangerBuffeting response analysis of a long-span suspension bridge in time-domain

3:20pm-3:50pm Monday - Tea and Coffee

3:50pm-5:30pm Monday - Urban Wind Environment I
Chaired by Alan Robins

Castro IP, Claus J University of SouthamptonEffects of Wind Direction on Surface Roughness Parameters
Drew DR, Barlow JF, Lane SE University of ReadingMean wind speed profiles measured in strong wind conditions over an urban area
Boppana VB, Xie ZT, Castro IP University of SouthamptonA Large-Eddy Simulation Study of Thermal Effects on Urban Flows
Hoxey R, Richards P, Robertson A, Quinn A University of BirminghamThe Contribution of Vorticity to Wind Loads
Poulin S COWI DenmarkCFD Simulations of Urban Wind Environment, Practical Applications

5:30pm-5:40pm Monday - Break

5:40pm-6:00pm Monday - Poster Session
Chaired by Zheng-Tong Xie

Breeze G Building Research Establishment (BRE)Whistling Perforated Panels
Cook N Consultant RDWICalibration of Extreme Value Analysis methods for peak-over-threshold wind data
Flynn D, Hemida H School of Civil Engineering, University of BirminghamNumerical simulation of freight wagon in isolated and multi-wagon format at a low yaw angle
Kim Y, Castro IP, Xie ZT University of SouthamptonDivergence-free turbulence inflow conditions for Large-Eddy simulations of flows around an airfoil
Owen J, Mahmoodilari M University of NottinghamBenchmark Studies in the new Nottingham ABL Wind Tunnel: Section Model Tests
Patel N, Hemida H, Quinn A School of Civil Engineering, University of BirminghamLarge-Eddy Simulation of the airflow around a vehicle

7:00pm-8:00pm Monday - Cafeteria Dinner


8:30am-9:10am Tuesday - Keynote by Prof Janet Barlow
Chaired by Ian Castro

Barlow JF University of ReadingUrban Meteorology - Lessons Learnt from a Decade of Experiments in London

9:10am-10:30am Tuesday - Dispersion
Chaired by Bert Blocken

Coceal O, Goulart E, Brandford S, Thomas TG, Belcher S University of ReadingDispersion Processes and Modelling in an Urban Street Network
Hargreaves DM Civil Engineering, University of NottinghamTwo Issues Relating to the CFD Modelling of Pollution Dispersion under Neutral Conditions
Herring S, Jones R, Bull M DSTLIntegrated Outdoor-Indoor Dispersion Modelling of Hazardous Releases in the Urban Environment
Robins AG, Hayden P, Burt A, Roberts P University of Surrey & CONCAWEThe use of environmental monitoring to estimate diffuse emissions from storage tanks

10:30am-11:00am Tuesday - Tea and Coffee

11:00am-12:20pm Tuesday - Gusts and Extreme Events
Chaired by Gordon Breeze

Cook N Consultant RDWIThe Statistically Independent Parent Distribution of Wind Speeds Derived by Run-of-Wind Resampling
Haines M, Sterling M, Quinn A School of Civil Engineering, University of BirminghamThe Simulation of Non-Synoptic Effects for Wind Damage Studies
Sassa K, Iwasaki T Kochi UniversityCorrected Scaling Law for Traveling Microbursts
Standen JJ, Wilson C Met OfficeGridded Wind Gust Dataset over Western Europe from Downscaled Forecast Data and Objective European Windstorm Event Set

12:20pm-1:00pm Tuesday - Buildings, Bridges & Cables II
Chaired by Roger Hoxey

Michalski A, Britto D, Gelenne P, Haug E SL-Rasch GmbH, Leinfelden-OberaichenComputational Wind Engineering of Large Umbrella Structures
Xie ZT, Srikar S, Zhang D, Hayden P, Robins AG. U. of Southampton and U. of SurreyFlow and dispersion from an oil storage tank

1:00pm-2:00pm Tuesday - Lunch

2:00pm-2:40pm Tuesday - Keynote by Dr Ender Ozkan
Chaired by Nicholas Cook

Ozkan E Ove Arup and Partners Ltd.Future of Wind Engineering: Perspectives from Industry

2:40pm-3:40pm Tuesday - Buildings, Bridges & Cables III
Chaired by John MacDonald

Gu D, Lim HC School of Mechanical Engineering, Pusan Nat'l UniversityEffects of Aspect Ratio and Wind Direction on Flow Characteristics around Rectangular Obstacles
Navarro JG, Terres-Nicoli JM,Mans C Oritia & Boreas Wind Engineering, Granada,SpainWake Interference of an Array of Four Independently Supported Cylinders
Owen J, Mahmoodilari M University of NottinghamBenchmark Studies in the new Nottingham ABL Wind Tunnel: Wind Regime

3:40pm-4:10pm Tuesday - Tea and Coffee

4:10pm-5:30pm Tuesday - Train Aerodynamics
Chaired by John Owen

Gilbert T School of Civil Engineering, University of BirminghamThe Flow Around High-Speed Trains in Partially-Enclosed Spaces
Soper D, Baker C, Sterling M University of BirminghamThe Aerodynamics of Freight Trains
John Owen WESWES Research Strategy

6:45pm-10:30pm Tuesday - Coach for Dinner at Chilworth Manor


9:00am-9:40am Wednesday - Keynote by Prof Fernando Porte-Agel
Chaired by Glyn Thomas

Porte-Agel F, Lu H, Wu YT School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering (ENAC)Large-eddy simulation of atmospheric boundary layer flow through wind farms

9:40am-10:40am Wednesday - Wind Energy I
Chaired by Mark Sterling

Claus J, Porte-Agel Laboratoire d'Ingenierie Eolienne et d'Energie RenouvelableExperimental Study of the Effects of Topography on Wind Turbine Wakes and Power Output
Johnstone R, Coleman G University of SouthamptonAn Actuator Disk Array within a Turbulent Ekman Boundary Layer
Holmes JD, Allsop A JDH Consulting and ArupAveraging Times and Gust Durations for Codes and Standards

10:40am-11:10am Wednesday - Tea and Coffee

11:10am-12:30pm Wednesday - Wind Energy II
Chaired by Andrew Allsop

Blocken B, van Hooff T, Aanen L, Bronsema B Eindhoven U. of Tech, Katholieke U. Leuven, Peutz BV, Delft U. Tech.Wind Energy Performance of a Venturi-Shaped Roof: Analysis based on CFD and Wind Tunnel Measurements
Breeze, G Building Research Establishment (BRE)Microwind Turbines: Static and Dynamic Wind Loads
Blackwell M, Tutty O, Rogers E, Sandberg R University of SouthamptonIterative Learning Control of Wind Turbine Smart Rotors with Pressure Sensors
Bradbury LJS PelaFlow ConsultingThe probability density distribution for the power output of arrays of turbines

12:30pm-1:00pm Wednesday - Concluding Remarks

1:00pm-2:00pm Wednesday - Lunch

This timetable is the latest draft but may to change as we confirm the presentations. Click on the title link to view the one-page abstract.