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For myExperiment Users

The myExperiment social web site was launched in November 2007 and with over 1100 workflows is the largest public collection of scientific workflows. It has over 3700 registered users, many in life sciences, with many thousands more (from 168 countries) downloading content. New user communities include chemistry, social science and music information retrieval.

Visit to try out the site. You can immediately discover and access publicly available content. By creating an account you can join or create groups, create tags, upload your own content and form friendships - see Features to find out more about what you can do. Check out our Videos to see myExperiment in use.

Although you can share any digital artefacts on myExperiment, it has special support for Taverna and Project Trident workflows, and support for Meandre currently under test. You can register other Workflow systems.

In July 2008 we introduced packs, an innovative feature which enables you to group digital objects – for example, you can collect together the artefacts associated with an experiment, or produce packs of workflows. Packs can be tagged and shared.

The following pages provides further information for myExperiment users:

For site announcements you can subscribe to the myExperiment site announcements RSS feed. If you are interested in finding out more about the myExperiment project (whether you are using it, developing over the API or using the codebase) please explore this wiki and we would be very pleased to see you on the myexperiment-discuss mailing list. There's also a FaceBook group.

To report bugs and provide feedback or request features please send email to or use the Give us Feedback link at the top right of the myExperiment pages.