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Galaxy is an open, web-based platform for data intensive biomedical research. For more information about Galaxy see the Galaxy Wiki.

The myExperiment team are excited to be working with the Galaxy team to provide support on myExperiment for Galaxy workflows and to provide myExperiment functionality through the Galaxy interface, allowing convenient retrieval and submission of Galaxy workflows. For help with importing and exporting workflows between myExperiment and Galaxy, see the help page.

There is further integration work in the Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre (NBIC) between Galaxy and the Taverna workflow system, using myExperiment - this is called eGalaxy and it enacts Taverna workflows through Galaxy - see the eGalaxy page on the Taverna website.

Project status: the myExperiment support was beta-tested on the Galaxy test server during June and has now been released on the Galaxy "Main" server (13th July). Here is the announcement.

Thanks to Finn Bacall, Don Cruickshank and Danius Michaelides in the myExperiment team for all their work with Jeremy Goecks and colleagues in the Galaxy team on the integration.

Contact: Finn Bacall, University of Manchester.

Flyer: myExperiment-Galaxy integration flyer for BOSC 2012 and slide (below).


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