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Welcome to the Assessment Delivery Engine for QTIv2 Questions Project Website

In this project we aim to build an assessment delivery engine to the IMS Question and Test Interoperability version 2.1 specifications that can be deployed as a stand-alone web application or as part of a SOA enabled VLE.

The engine will provide for: delivery of an assessment consisting of an assembly of QTI items, scheduling of assessments against users and groups, delivery of items using a web interface, including marking and feedback, and a Web service API for retrieving assessment results. All software is available at

In the second phase, the project will integrate with the other projects in this call on item banking (Cambridge: Minibix) and item authoring (Kingston: AQuRate) to provide a demonstrator, and will contribute to its evaluation and the evaluation of the project and its integration with the other projects under the Assessment call.

If you are interested in tools for QTI item-banking and item-authoring, please see our sister projects, Minibix and AQuRate.