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CombeChem at the e-Science All Hands Meeting 2003

Tuesday 2nd to Thursday 4th September 2003

Held at the East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham
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Michelle Bachler presented, Chain ReAKTing: Collaborative Advanced Knowledge Technologies in the CombeChem Grid.

Hugo Mills presented, Less is More: Lightweight Ontologies and User Interfaces for Smart Labs.

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Christopher Woods presented, The Application of Distributed Computing to the Investigation of Protein Conformational Change.

Jon Essex presented, BioSimGrid: A Distributed Database for Biomolecular Simulations.

Mike Hursthouse presented, GRID-Enabled Chemical Crystallography; A New Opportunity for Structural Chemistry.

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Structure-Property Relationships in Crystal Structures of Molecules with Non-Centrosymmetric Polymorphs

Systematic Study into the Salt Formation of Functionalised Organic Substrates