700 Reasons: Reason #425

Reason: 425
Subject-related skills are developed through the study of both the language and the related thematic areas. These may relate to the study of the countries or regions in which the target language is used, including aspects of the literatures, cultures, linguistic contexts, history, politics, geography, social or economic structures. In certain programmes, these will relate to discipline-specific contexts, such as the business, legal, creative, technological or scientific communities within those countries or regions. Study of these will lead to the development of analytical, critical and specialist skills drawn from the relevant discipline areas. The opportunity to study discipline-specific content in the target language represents a unique contribution to the students' learning experience
Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (2002) Languages and Related Studies: Subject Benchmark Statements (Gloucester: QAA)
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Academic skills, Critical thinking, Culture, HE (Higher Education sector), Language learning skills, Learning, Literature, Related subjects, Uniqueness