Languages for the 21st century: training, impact and influence

Date: 1 September, 2010 - 2 September, 2010
Location: The Edge, University of Sheffield
Event type: Conference

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The conference aims to show-case new training provision, techniques, technologies, methodologies and research in language teaching, with an emphasis on the advanced or research-focussed learner. Particular emphasis will be on the Languages of the Wider World: Africa, East and South Asia, Russia, Central Europe, and the Arab World.

Major conference themes are:

  • Assessment: methodologies and comparisons
  • Benchmarking: standards for higher study
  • Cultural Competence: teaching text, discourse, rhetoric and skills
  • Generational Change: new approaches for the information age
  • Language for Research: training for the social sciences and humanities
  • Materials and Curriculum Development: from ab initio to advanced, from paper to screen
  • Outreach: training the policy or business learner
  • Research in a global context

The conference is jointly organised and supported by the five UK Centres of Excellence in Language-based Area Studies (White Rose East Asia Centre, British Inter-University China Centre, Centre for the Advanced Study of the Arab World, Centre for East European Language-Based Area Studies, Centre for Russian, Central and East European Studies), the Subject Centre for Language, Linguistics and Area Studies, and the Languages of the Wider World Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

Fees (2-day conference package)

  • There is a charge of £80 full rate and £40 discounted rate for students and unwaged (for payments made by 30th July 2010).
  • There is a charge of  £100 full rate and £50 discounted rate for students and unwaged (for payments made after 30th July 2010).
  • Overnight (1st Sept) accommodation and breakfast (2nd Sept) at venue, lunches and conference dinner are included.
  • Please note that we reserve the right to charge a £40 cancellation fee if you do not notify us at least 48 hours beforehand that you are unable to attend
  • Full details of our charging policy are available.

Plenary speakers include:

  • Sir John Boyd, KCMG and Chairman of Asia House
  • Dr Jan Čulik, University of Glasgow
  • Professor James Dickins, University of Leeds
  • Professor Anne Pauwels, Dean of Languages and Cultures and Professor of Sociolinguistics, SOAS

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Travel bursary

A travel bursary is available for this event.

Provisional programme for 1 September 2010
Time Session Parallel Session
09.30-10.30 Registration and refreshments (outside High Tor 2)
10.30-10.45 Welcome and introduction from the organisers
Room: High Tor 2
10.45-11.30 Is there a place for languages in education? Towards a new framework for the role of languages of the wider world in the global university
Professor Anne Pauwels, Dean of Languages and Cultures and Professor of Sociolinguistics, School of Oriental and African Studies, London
Room: High Tor 2
Powerpoint Presentation (PowerPoint, 736Kb)
11.30-12.00 Tea/coffee and networking break
12.00-13.00 Languages of the Wider World: present and future
Room: High Tor 2
Languages of the Wider World: communities and languages
Room: High Tor 5
  Ticking the boxes for practice in language teacher education? The position of teaching practice in university programmes for teachers of languages of the wider world
Jo Eastlake, LWW-CETL School of Oriental and African Studies, London and Yousef Omar, School of Oriental and African Studies, London
Community languages RIP: looking forward to a twenty-first century language pedagogy
Sarah Cartwright, CILT: The National Centre for Languages
Languages of the Wider World: the work of SOAS-UCL Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL)
Itesh Sachdev, LWW-CETL, School of Oriental and African Studies, London
The tie that binds: south-Asian languages in the UK
Sharmina Mawani and Anjoom Mukadam, Gujarat Studies Association
13.00-14.00 Lunch
14.00-15.30 Technology-enhanced teaching in LWW
Room: High Tor 2
LWW and the digital age: technology and new strategies
Room: High Tor 5
  Teaching translation into the second language via the wiki tool of Blackboard
Kazuki Morimoto, University of Leeds
Powerpoint Presentation (PowerPoint, 2.46Mb)
Bridging the digital divide: New Media training strategies for language tutors
Benoît Guilbaud, Manchester Metropolitan University
Powerpoint Presentation (PowerPoint, 2.25Mb)
Engaging tomorrow’s interpreters: a presentation of the outreach activities and work of the National Network for Interpreting
Rebecca Tipton, National Network for Interpreting, University of Salford

Integrating sustainability literacy into language teaching through film
Carmen Herrero and Ana Valbuena, Manchester Metropolitan University
Using Wimba for formative feedback and throughout the student lifecycle
Alistair Brook, Senior Sales Manager, Wimba - People Teach People
Blended CPD in essential eLearning skills for foreign language teachers: are we prepared for our digital students?
Mourad Diouri, University of Edinburgh
15.30-16.15 Tea/coffee and networking break
16.15-17.15 Projects in LWW community languages
Room: High Tor 2
Supporting teaching and learning in LWW
Room: High Tor 5
  Godfather IV: a story of a home language school in the face of establishment self interest and confused policy making 
Julia Podziewska, University of Huddersfield
Reading strategies for research-focused learners: a materials development project for Hungarian and Finnish
Eszter Tarsoly and Riitta-Liisa Valijärvi, University College London
Community Café project: getting community languages' teachers in Southampton to share teaching ideas and resources online
Kate Borthwick, LLAS, University of Southampton
Powerpoint Presentation (PowerPoint, 1.11Mb)
Teaching and learning a minority language: Sami
Hanna Outakoski, University of Umeå, Sweden
Powerpoint Presentation (PowerPoint, 15.5Mb)
17.15-18.00 Overcoming isolation in international discourse
Dr Jan Čulik, University of Glasgow
Room: High Tor 2
Powerpoint Presentation (PowerPoint, 592Kb)
18.00-19.00 Reception (sponsored by WREAC and LWW-CETL)
19.00-22.00 Conference dinner
Provisional programme for 2 September 2010
Time Session Parallel Session
07.30-08.45 Breakfast

Languages and National Need

Sir John Boyd, Chairman, Asia House
Room: High Tor 2
10.30-11.00 Tea/coffee break
11.00-12.30 LWW: East Asia Japanese
Room: High Tor 2
LWW: East Asia Chinese
Room: High Tor 5
  What is advanced level? A case study from Japanese spoken classes at the University of Sheffield
Miyuki Nagai, University of Sheffield
New directions for language teaching in the 21st century: an introduction to some of the BICC Chinese language teaching and learning programmes
Shio-yun Kan, BICC, University of Oxford

British Inter-University China Centre: challenges and methodologies in learning Chinese
Daniel Hopper and Holly Snape, Research Students from BICC
Kanji e-portfolio: facilitating collaborative and individual learning in a blended learning environment
Yoko Matsumoto-Sturt, University of Edinburgh
The White Rose East Asia Centre: advancing the studies and language agenda
Ioannis Gaitanidis Research student from WREAC
12.30-13.30 Lunch
13.30-14.15 The future of Arabic teaching in British universities
Professor James Dickins, University of Leeds
Room: High Tor 2
Powerpoint Presentation (PowerPoint, 128Kb)
14.15-15.15 Languages of the Muslim world
Room: High Tor 2
Languages and cultures for the 21st century: central and eastern Europe
Room: High Tor 5
  Training Teachers of Arabic in the Communicative Approach
Jonathan Featherstone, CASAW, University of Edinburgh
Teaching Estonian - challenges and modern opportunities
Lea Krenin, CRCEES, University of Glasgow
Powerpoint Presentation (PowerPoint, 1.91Mb)
  From complexity to clarity: research-centric approaches to language teaching in Persian
Mohammadjavad Ardalan, University of Oxford
That nation does not have a proper mother tongue, and no one can speak or write it: teaching Hungarian culture at Glasgow University
Zsuzsa Varga, CRCEES, University of Glasgow
15.15-16.00 Research students showcase their work
High Tor: 2
Using a design based research approach to provide reading strategy training for learners of Arabic: a work in progress
Nurazan Mohmad Rouyan, Institute of Education, International Islamic University of Malaysia
Two perspectives on intensive Arabic training at CASAW
Shabana Basheer and David Warren, Research students from CASAW
16.00-16.15 Close