English at A Level - a guide for lecturers in higher education

English at A Level - a guide for lecturers in higher education

ISBN 1 905846-03-07
August 2006
The English Subject Centre commissioned the English and Media Centre to write a guide for A Level English for university lecturers. Though the audience they had in mind was colleagues in H.E., the guide also provides an overview of teaching and examining practices and approaches that may well be of interest to A Level teachers. It would be also be a good introduction for teachers new to teaching A Level and covers Literature, Language and Language and Literature. Based partly on a survey undertaken by the English and Media Centre, the guide not only gives a description of the key features of the three Englishes in Curriculum 2000 but also gives a flavour of the issues that concern teachers, their teaching methodologies and the features of different kinds of A Level assessment. The authors of the guide are Barbara Bleiman and Lucy Webster, with Melissa Marsh, Carol Atherton and Jane Ogborn.

This report is available in print (email esc@rhul.ac.uk and ask for a copy) or as a PDF from the English Subject Centre website. (www.english.heacademy.ac.uk/explore/publications/reports.php).


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