Materials Bank Item

matbank iconIntute Virtual Training Suite
A set of online tutorials, authored by university subject specialists, are designed to help students develop Internet research skills for their university or college work, and can be used by lecturers and librarians to support their courses.

LLAS Event

llasevent iconCommunicate.07 (16 Mar 07)
Event date: 16 March, 2007
Location: Stirling Management Centre, University of Stirling
llasevent iconThe future of Phonetics (25 Feb 2005)
Event date: 25 February, 2005
Location: CILT,
llasevent iconC&IT Workshop: using PowerPoint (14 May 2004)
Event date: 14 May, 2004
Location: Kingwood City Learning Centre, Fulham, London

News item

news iconInformation and Communications Technology (ICT) survey
The JISC funded ARIA (Arts and Humanities Research ICT Awareness and Training) project is currently looking for information from researchers from all arts and humanities communities about good examples of how ICT resources and tools are being used in your subject area of research and about what ICT skills and tools you may need to acquire in future to support your research e.g. word processing, databases, linguistic analysis, web search engines, image enhancement tools and so on.

Web Guide (GPG)

webguide iconDeveloping Computer Skills

Focusing on the IT skills required increasingly of staff in areas of administration, research and classroom practice, this article distinguishes generic core skills from those required in more specialist situations (such as applied language study and areas of linguistics). A number of key sources of information and training are given, together with a brief review of forms of certification. Best practice is seen as knowing how to define clearly the skills one needs to develop and, having aquired a new capability, being able to show that one can use it effectively.

webguide iconCALL (computer assisted language learning)
An introduction to Computer Assisted Language Learning, including a brief history and mention of more recent trends (CD-ROMS, DVDs, the Web) and professional associations dedicated to CALL.