E-learning: Learning object creation checklist

Authors: Alison Dickens and Amy Corner

© Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies


A learning object is a particular type of online electronic learning material that is generally defined as a small, digital and self-contained unit of learning that can be broadly (but not exclusively) described as context independent, reusable and adaptable. A key quality of a learning object is that it contains a high level of interactivity, will have defined learning outcomes and specific tasks or activities for the learner. Although it may make use of other resources it will not depend on other resources or other units of learning and should be reusable in a number of learning situations. This tool is intended to help you to evaluate existing electronic resources for their suitability for repurposing as learning objects. Answering the questions in each of the 3 sections will help you to reflect on key issues for the design of online learning materials and give you guidance as to whether your materials are appropriate for use in learning objects.


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