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matbank iconFilm, novel and social transformation in France
This is a blended learning exemplar developed for use on a second year undergraduate module in French available on the Modern Languages Programme at Nottingham Trent University. The module, Film, Novel and Social Transformation in France, is currently taught by a team comprised of Professor Jean-Pierre Boulé and Dr. Enda McCaffrey.
matbank iconVLEs: An introduction to online education using VLE (WebCT) communication tools
These resources were created for a Subject Centre 'Workshops to Go' by Marga Navarrete. These materials are from a series of workshops which aimed to introduce experienced f2f (face to face) lecturers to online education. A set of powerpoint presentations are available that are based on the content of two face to face workshops delivered in 2007.
matbank iconE-learning: Learning object creation checklist
A learning object is a particular type of online electronic learning material that is generally defined as a small, digital and self-contained unit of learning that can be broadly (but not exclusively) described as context independent, reusable and adaptable. A key quality of a learning object is that it contains a high level of interactivity, will have defined learning outcomes and specific tasks or activities for the learner. Although it may make use of other resources it will not depend on other resources or other units of learning and should be reusable in a number of learning situations. This tool is intended to help you to evaluate existing electronic resources for their suitability for repurposing as learning objects. Answering the questions in each of the 3 sections will help you to reflect on key issues for the design of online learning materials and give you guidance as to whether your materials are appropriate for use in learning objects.

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webguide iconThe Languages of the Wider World CETL
The Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL), Languages of the Wider World (LWW) is hosted jointly by the School for African and Oriental Studies (SOAS) and University College London (UCL). Funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE), it was set up in 2005 and is one of only two CETLs in the UK devoted to language learning and teaching and learning.