You are receiving this email as you were identified as an ECS staff member currently using an IMAP email account. *What’s happening and why?* The current ECS IMAP email service has limited storage capacity and is reaching end of life.  The Faculty is working with iSolutions to migrate your email to Office 365 to address these issues. Some IMAP email users have both an Exchange email account and an IMAP email account.  To simplify, the faculty has decided to merge the two accounts together into one mailbox.  This unified mailbox is capable of hosting multiple aliases (for example both & allowing users to use their preferred email address. *What is the timeline for the Office 365 email migration for IMAP accounts?* *Monday, March 19th* iSolutions Soton Exchange accounts are migrated to Office 365 first.  This will require you to restart Outlook so it automatically configures itself with the new settings. This move will take up to 5 days. ECS IMAP accounts will work as normal while this occurs. *Monday, March 26th* From this date all new incoming email will be delivered to Office 365, and you will need to configure both the new and old accounts on your email client and/or devices.  Instructions on how to do this will be provided in a following email. We will start copying emails across to your new account. Based on test migrations we estimate this process will be finished by Wednesday 28th March. Once you can verify that all your mail is present on Office365, you can then remove your original ECS IMAP account from your email client. *** Important note*** During the migration from Exchange to Office 365, your mailbox will be available for most of the time. There will be a short period (usually a few minutes) towards the end of the move where it does the final sync where neither the Exchange mailbox nor Office 365 mailbox will be available. Any new mail arriving in that period will be queued and delivered as soon as your mailbox is available again. *What’s next?* While we are planning and carrying out the move, you will receive updates with information about the new service and how you will be supported during the move. If you have any questions or concerns please email Thanks! Jules