Semantic Web technologies have appeared to hold the promise of providing efficient support in Higher Education institutions. Recently, the emerging linked open data movement presents potential in interoperability, data integration, reasoning across resources and in inventing novel ways of collaboration and personalisation, which can improve the quality of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education. Best practices on linked open data infrastructures for HE are already emerging and the affordances of crowdsourcing the annotation of content in higher education repositories and the development of prototypes that make use of semantic technologies appear to be considered by the higher education sector.

A recent report by the UK JISC-funded SemTech project outlined a roadmap for Semantic Technology adoption in Higher Education. More recently, specific recommendations on the use of linked data in the sector were proposedin the Linked Data Horizon Scan report.

There are opportunities and challenges in this emerging era of semantic technology adoption that this workshop wishes to address. In particular, the workshop will address the following themes:

The best papers will be invited to resubmit a journal paper version for a special issue in an international journal in this field. (TBA)