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Yi, Xing and Raghavan, Hema and Leggetter, Chris Discovering Users' Specific Geo Intention in Web Search.

Tang, Lei and Rajan, Suju and Narayanan, Vijay K. Large Scale Multi-Label Classification via MetaLabeler.

Gupta, Manish Predicting Click Through Rate for Job Listings.

Yi, Jeonghee and Maghoul, Farzin Query Clustering using Click-Through Graph.

He, Xiaofeng and Duan, Lei and Zhou, Yiping and Dom, Byron Threshold Selection for Web-Page Classification with Highly Skewed Class Distribution.

Dasdan, Ali and Drome, Chris and Kolay, Santanu Thumbs-Up: A Game for Playing to Rank Search Results.

Diemert, Eustache and Vandelle, Gilles Unsupervised Query Categorization using Automatically-Built Concept Graphs.

Dasdan, Ali and Huynh, Xinh User-Centric Content Freshness Metrics for Search Engines.

Kolay, Santanu and Dasdan, Ali The Value of Socially Tagged URLs for a Search Engine.

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