Culture and Cancer

Wallace, Dr. Rodrick and Wallace, Dr. Deborah and Wallace, Dr. Robert (2002) Culture and Cancer. [Preprint]


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Genetic mechanisms, since they broadly involve information transmission, should be translatable into information dynamics formalism. From this perspective we reconsider the adaptive mutator, one possible means of 'second order selection' by which a highly structured 'language' of environment and development writes itself onto the variation upon which evolutionary selection and tumorigenesis operate. Our approach uses recent results in the spirit of the Large Deviations Program of applied probability that permit transfer of phase transition approaches from statistical mechanics to information theory, generating evolutionary and developmental punctuation in what we claim to be a highly natural manner.

Item Type:Preprint
Keywords:Cancer, cellular cognition, culture, evolution, information theory, interpenetration, mutator, punctuation, renormalization, second order selection, universality
Subjects:Biology > Theoretical Biology
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Deposited By: Wallace, Rodrick
Deposited On:15 Aug 2002
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