Redressing Gendered Health Inequalities of Displaced Women and Girls

University of Southampton

REGHID Project in the Spotlight in Brazil

REGHID Project in the Spotlight in Brazil

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The ReGHID team led by Prof Pia Riggirozzi (Principal Investigator) will participate in two forthcoming events in Brazil as part of its dissemination activities.

Collaborating in these international events are ReGHID Co-Investigators Dr Natalia Cintra of the University of Southampton, UK, Zeni Lamy at the Federal University Of Maranhão (UFMA), and Rita Bacuri at Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz). Both events will showcase results of the REGHID research activities in Brazil and will take place between 16-19 October 2023  in the cities of Sao Luiz and Boa Vista.

The first event: MIGRATION, GENDER AND HEALTH – FOR AN INTERSECTORAL AND INTERSECTIONAL POLICY FOR MIGRANTS  will be hosted by the University of Maranhão, Brazil and will take place in Sao Luiz, on 16 & 17 October 2023. This event, based on the results of the research activities carried out in Brazil as part of the “Redressing Gendered Health Inequalities of Displaced Women and Girls in Contexts of Protracted Crisis in Central and South America (ReGHID Project)” and the experience of professionals and managers aims to highlight the situation of Venezuelan migrant women in Brazil. Discussions of  the study and its findings will take place and recommendations proposed with a view to developing coping strategies for this contemporary challenge.

Target audience of the event are professionals from health, social and political sciences, and human sciences, interested academic community -undergraduate and graduate students, national and international academics, and researchers-, technicians from state and municipal departments of health, social assistance, human rights, public health teaching and research institutions, national and international organizations focused on migration, organized civil society, migrants and the general public.

Full programme of the event (in Portuguese)  here

Venue: St. Louis, MA Central Auditorium – Federal University of Maranhão,Brazil.

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