Redressing Gendered Health Inequalities of Displaced Women and Girls

University of Southampton

Keynote speakers at Symposium in New York

Keynote speakers at Symposium in New York

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Prof Pia Riggirozzi and Dr Natalia Cintra of the University of Southampton have recently participated as keynote speakers at the Fall symposium ‘Her Journey, Her Story, Her Rights: The Impact of Gender on Forced Migration’ at Fordham University New York, USA, Graduate School of Social Service. The event was organised by the Directors of Her Migrant Hub and took place on 10th November 2023. The symposium brought together discussants, using a multi-stakeholder approach to address the global and local implications of gendered migration processes, and center the voice of women with lived experiences of forced migration in developing recommendations for addressing challenges and advocating for improved migration policies.

As part of the activities organised by the host organisation, Pia and Natalia had also the opportunity to meet with Fordham students and faculty members; women activists, asylum seekers in NYC, and give a talk at the UN-NGO Committee on Forced Migration Monthly Meeting.

On her return from the USA, Prof Pia Riggorozzi, said: ‘What a fantastic event. Powerful & stimulating. We discussed conditions for protection of migrant women at city, state and international levels of governance. Shocking to hear same stories of dispossession affecting migrant women in Roraima (Brazil), Darien (Panamá) & New York’.