Human Books: exploring the library of human experiences

The University of Winchester Martial Rose Library is organising a Human Library event on 15th May from 10am to 4pm, and is on the look out for more Human Book titles. Some of you will be familiar with the format as Solent University has previously hosted an event. In a nutshell, as with any other library, it aims to connect readers with books; the only difference is that ‘books’ are real people, and ‘reading’ is as conversation. A reader select from a list of available titles and then engages in an honest conversation, and previous titles include ‘Unemployed’, ‘Homeless’, ‘Transgender Woman’, ‘Refugee’, ‘Bisexual Christian’, and more.

For more information on the history of the format and previous books can be found on the University of Winchester’s blog post here: Last year the feedback from ‘Human Books’ was amazing, they all thoroughly enjoyed it and most of them will be participating again this year. Olena who is organising the event, is constantly on the look out for new Human Book titles.

If you’re interested in coming to Winchester and being a book for the day, please get in contact with Olena via:


Twitter: @humanlibwinch


Phone: 01962 678213

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