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Digital Literacy and #FLWebSci : Some Reflections

As we are now in the final hours of week 5, I thought it might be a good idea to pull together a few thoughts on what I have learned from the experience so far, and its implications for Digital Literacies development within the University. Over the past 3 years we have drawn upon the Digital Economy Research Group as a vehicle for pioneering multidisciplinary research-led and technology-informed educational innovation here at the University of Southampton. Continue reading →

What do the Student Digital Champions do?

MOOC participants may well come across the #digichamps hashtag in social media conversations about the web Science MOOC. But who are the Digichamps and what do they do? Here, one of our new digichamps, Merel van Dijke, sheds some light on the subject: "The Student Digital Literacies Champions (or in short Digichamps) are a group of students from the University of Southampton with a passion for technology and education. Continue reading →