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Cybersecurity at Southampton

In week 3 we move from networks to the challenges of cyber security. MOOC learners may be interested in finding out more about the University's activities in this area: Protecting users against the dangers of the “dark web” is one of the activities of the GCHQ/EPSRC Academic Centre of Excellence for Research in Cyber Security at the University of Southampton. Continue reading →

The Age of Cryptocurrencies

My research interest is cryptocurrencies, the most popular of  which you may have heard of is called Bitcoin. Its open source nature has lead to more Bitcoin-inspired cryptocurrencies being created. Cryptocurrencies in Brief Cryptocurrencies are a new form of online currency where payments have a high level of anonymity, they’re quicker and most likely cheaper than existing online payment systems, especially for international transactions. Continue reading →

Tutor Interview Series: Craig Webber – Security

Briefly tell me what your session is going to be about - The session provides an overview of some of the issues that have developed around cyber security and the threats to our activities on the web. A lot of what takes place on the web echoes activity that takes place away from the web. Many crimes that we regard as cybercrimes are just extensions of crimes that have historically taken place off-line. Continue reading →