Cybersecurity at Southampton


In week 3 we move from networks to the challenges of cyber security. MOOC learners may be interested in finding out more about the University’s activities in this area:

Protecting users against the dangers of the “dark web” is one of the activities of the GCHQ/EPSRC Academic Centre of Excellence for Research in Cyber Security at the University of Southampton. The Centre, one of 11 in the whole country, contributes knowledge, understanding and innovation to the protection of critical infrastructures, users, their data and interests, and connects activities across electronic and software systems, advanced networking and protocols, cyber-risk behaviour, cybercrime, social and legal acceptability of cyber regulations, and physical and cyber identity management.

If you are interested learning more about issues of privacy, trust and anonymity on the web, alongside social, ethical and legal responsibilities, you will be interested in our Cyber Security Seminar Series. Follow us on Twitter @CybSecSoton to know more.

Professor V. Sassone,
Cybersecurity Southampton, Director
Twitter @v_sassone

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