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Link demonstrators

Demonstrators presented here are for your information, interest and evaluation. You are welcome to mail comments and suggestions about this service to Steve Hitchcock, the project manager.

For more on what to expect from the service, read on below, or go to working results.

You can also see an earlier demonstration of reference linking produced by the Open Journal project, in which a number of partners from OpCit were involved.

About the OpCit demonstrators

The Open Citation project is a research and development project which began in October 1999. In terms of features the current version of the demonstrator exceeds the plan outlined in the original project proposal. It presents reference links and citation analysis of over 150 000 papers from the arXiv physics archives.

In future versions we hope to show links to papers in more disciplines (not just physics), to more archives participating in the Open Archives initiative, and to other publishing and library services too.

In building the demonstrator the ultimate intent is to:

With this in mind, please proceed to the link demonstrator.

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